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YSoft SafeQ Print & Scan Management

With YSoft SafeQ Enterprise Print Management software, organizations have the tools needed to make fact-based decisions about their print environment to reduce print, copy and scan costs up to 30%, increase document security and improve productivity.

YSoft SafeQ Print & Scan Management

In a centralized print environment, a server application connects your multifunction devices (MFDs) or other networked printers to your corporate directory. In this way, print administrators can implement pull-printing, set print governance policies and create efficient workflows for the capture, processing and distribution of digital content.

YSoft SafeQ Enterprise Suite is the only enterprise-grade solution that truly integrates print management with document capture and workflow. While other solutions require multiple servers, contracts and help desk systems to deliver both print management and document capture, which increases your total cost of ownership, Y Soft and YSoft SafeQ offer a seamless, integrated solution. YSoft SafeQ is integrated within the display panel of the world's most popular MFD brands.


  • Centralized enterprise print management and advanced document capture and workflow
  • Maximizes productivity, reduces costs and increases document security
  • Flexible, module software means you pay only for features you need


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