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Managed Print Services (MPS)

Managed Print Services (MPS) combine consulting, hardware, software implementation and workflow management to lower document spend and smart security services, to keep customer's business safe.

Managed Print Services (MPS)

Solutions offered:

  1. Consulting services to analyse and assess the current way of working to compile a solution tailored to customer specific needs.
  2. Implementation, integration, change management, project management and training, based on customer's requirements.
  3. Scalable portfolio of automated services to run and manage customer's entire print fleet.

Managed Print Services help organizations :

  1. Increase the efficiency of all its print and scan related processes.
  2. Reduce Costs and Wastages - achieve up to 30% Cost savings on print budgets.
  3. Consolidate Infrastructure - Eliminate unnecessary personal printers and streamline the fleet size.
  4. Secure Pull Printing User authentication ensures that confidential documents remain secured.
  5. Total cost visibility - Allows to have full cost transparency and accuracy on cost allocation and client billing.

Managed Print Services cover print infrastructure, strategy of preventative and predictive maintenance ensuring the devices are always performing reliably and any downtime is minimized, maximize productivity and efficiency.

We create an individual solution for organizations, which ensures maximum data security, is financially viable, and environmentally friendly. By guaranteeing cost reductions and trouble-free processes, we develop improvement strategies based on historical data and customer's future objectives.

Print management is an important part of Managed Print Services as we take care of customer's entire print and scan infrastructure, including routine tasks such as the automatic delivery of consumables.

Regardless of the size or area of specialization of your company, our print hardware lets customer build up printing infrastructure, manage digital content, put in place state-of-the-art measuring instruments, and explore other solutions designed to change workflow beyond recognition.

Our experienced, knowledgeable specialist staff services function for customer benefit, within a support system designed to ensure organization benefit fully from the solutions.

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