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Konica Minolta develops and delivers the intuitive and highly secured content management solutions that enable mobile and remote workers to collaborate and manage key business documents. KOMI Doc offers a comprehensive set of intuitive features that helps the filing, searching and sharing of business documents, quick and easy.


With Konica Minolta Cloud based content solution called KOMI Doc you can Scan and store all your paper documents in digital format, access all critical documents securely and efficiently with highest level of encryption and security, collaborate on editing, annotating and validating content. Deploy a communication portal with your customer or business partners (accountants, legal advisors, auditors, suppliers, etc.) and share strategic files with them, in the strictest confidentiality. Retrieve any document in a click with Content based search. Create in a few clicks in an online, private and secure portal to enhance customer relationships by providing a complete 24/7 access to business documents.

In this rapid technological evolving era, we recognize that when it comes to automation one size does not fit all. We are the leading provider of process automation technology to offer a portfolio of solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals, small teams, growth companies, and large enterprises.

KOMI Doc Features

Centralize & manage effectively all your business documents

File any Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents or Outlook emails, right from the ribbon of your Microsoft Office application. Back up your files all in one place and keep them synchronized across all of your computers and devices (smartphone, tablet). Scan and electronically file all your business paper document in a structured and logical way, right from your KONICA MINOLTA multifunction printer's control panel. Automate the distribution of all your business documents such as invoices, order forms, delivery note, pay slip etc. right from your software application.

Retrieve instantly any documents

KOMI Doc enables you to retrieve documents instantaneously according to highly relevant search modes that are fast and easy to use. Browse your Windows type folders structure to precisely locate a file. Retrieve any documents right from your KONICA MINOLTA multifunction printer's control panel and print them on demand, one of the unique features of KOMI Doc. Benefit from OCR technology and from a "Google like search box" to retrieve file on content.

Easily access your files from anywhere

Easily get to your business documents, presentations, and photos while you are on the go with the KOMI Doc Mobile App and view files directly on your smartphone or tablet. Retrieve any documents within seconds through the powerful search engine. Share pictures taken on the field with your team, save files to your device for offline access and Manage your approval tasks.

KOMI digital safe box and e-form

Digital safe box for archiving of documents with advanced security. Create a document preservation policy and easily organize, preserve or destroy your documents. Protect records with AFNOR certified electronic records management. KOMI e-form provides dynamic creation of forms fields with objects drag and drop and share your forms instantly for a fast and easy collection. Store all electronic forms in a securely structured way with dynamic renaming.

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