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Hänel Lean-Lift

Key Features

  • Flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Over 60% more space
  • Ergonomic design - minimizes the physical strain for employees
  • Every square meter is optimally used the essence of economic efficiency.
  • Only environmentally friendly, recyclable materials are used.

Product Description

Economy, efficiency and ecology - these are the demands that modern-day automated storage must meet. With the Hänel Lean-Lift Vertical Lift Module (VLM), we offer you a first-class, high-tech system for storage organization, materials handling and item retrieval that saves time, storage space and costs, while enabling a much more efficient workflow from a vertical orientation.

  • Hänel Lean-Lift is the logical automated Vertical technology high-bay warehouse in a cabinet'.
  • Both storage rationalization and goods protection in one : At the center of this closed system is a computer-controlled positioning lift  the 'extractor'. In front of it and behind it are the storage shelves. This is where the articles are stored in containers in height optimized positions.
  • The storage locations are accessed automatically under electronic control by means of the extractor, which stores or retrieves the requested container. The goods are then delivered to the retrieval area at the correct ergonomic height.
  • This ingenious principle finds applications in a wide variety of industries. Used in the medical technology and electrical engineering sectors and also in the automotive, aircraft and pharmaceutical industries or in mechanical engineering, dispatch, production or tool store.
  • Making maximum use of the available space. Hänel Lean-Lifts can be installed next to each other and even span several building levels, with multiple access points one above the other.
  • This creates the maximum possible storage space on a minimal footprint.


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