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Dispatcher Phoenix Suite

Konica Minolta's Dispatcher® Phoenix ECM gives you the enterprise-level tools you need to reduce paper consumption and efficiently manage your paper-based records, files and forms. With Dispatcher Phoenix ECM, you can quickly scan, index and store documents coming into the enterprise, optimizing your business processes while reducing costs for your organization.

Dispatcher Phoenix Suite

It's no secret that businesses in the digital age need to find new ways to manage their paper and business processes. In fact, organizations today are looking for ways to take control of their unstructured documents® and capture content to retrieve documents when they need it. Manually processing documents is inefficient and wastes time, resources and money.

As the mountain of information continues to grow in your business, effectively capturing and indexing large volumes of data, images and communications quickly becomes critical to your success. Konica Minolta's Dispatcher Phoenix ECM does just that, streamlining high-volume batch scanning and indexing processes for enterprise-wide business efficiency, seamlessly integrating with popular document management systems, including Microsoft® SharePoint® and OnBase® by Hyland, and providing real-time reporting for billing, employee productivity tracking and more.

With so much content to process, your team could be feeling overwhelmed by paper - and information. Dispatcher Phoenix ECM helps with both, digitizing paper documents, and automating processing and document capture. But ECM is about more than going paperless - it's about accessing the information you need when you need it. Extracting the data. Indexing documents for future retrieval. Overall, you can manage and leverage the information that drives your organization.

Key Features

  • TWAIN Support
  • Document Separation
  • Document Manipulation
  • Image Quality Assurance
  • Batch Indexing
  • Batch Manager
  • Document Verification
  • Reports


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